Injection of
Polyurethane Resins

Our technologies allow us to foam polyurethane on thermoformed and/or metal parts, also including the injection of low-density polyurethane foams into pre-assembled bodies.

We have 3 different areas dedicated to these operations, driving the process to obtain excellent results in terms of soundproofing, thermal insulation and structural reinforcement, guaranteeing a high level of quality and precision at every stage of the process.

Polyurethane foam offers numerous advantages, thanks to its excellent thermal and acoustic performance

This technique finds applications in various sectors, including refrigeration (maintaining controlled temperatures) and in construction (creation of both acoustic and thermal insulating panels). It can be additionally used to improve structural integrity (when there is a need to insert accessories).

In addition to manufacturing, we also offer laboratory testing services upon request, this ensuring the compliance and quality of our products to the highest standards. Our skill and process control enable Lampa Plastic to properly fulfill most demanding requirements in various fields of application and tailor-made solutions.

polyurethane foaming for third parties
polyurethane foaming
Injection of polyurethane resins on thermoformed products
Injection of expanding resins on thermoformed products
Injection of polyurethane resins
Resin injection on thermoformed products


Since 2017, Lampa Plastic has embarked on an important renovation with a new business project, through the modernization of facilities, introduction of new machines and highly qualified employees.

.01 Consultancy

Offices: after a major renovation, the administration and commercial areas are located on the top floor, while the production, technical and quality assurance offices are on the ground floor.

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.02 Thermoforming

Constantly updated, with the inclusion of new generation machines.

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.03 Assembly,
Injection of
polyurethane resins

Foaming department + assembly line with robotic arm.

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.04 Cutting
and trimming

This department displays 5 CNC robots with 5 axes featuring most recent technological outfits.

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