Thermoforming Plastic

Thermoforming is a technique for the production and processing of plastic materials, which allows us to create components that can be used in many sectors. We support the customer in prototyping and development of the project, evaluating the type of material that can best adapt to the conditions of use.

We have 9 thermoforming automatic systems, with a production range up to 3000 mm. The materials used for plastic thermoforming can be: ABS, self-extinguishing ABS, PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, polystyrene, PC/ABS and many others which are chosen according to the type of product to be manufactured.

We are always developing with new solutions to respond to market needs, in order to constantly increase our know-how.

plastic thermoforming
plastic thermoforming


Since 2017, Lampa Plastic has embarked on an important renovation with a new business project, through the modernization of facilities, introduction of new machines and highly qualified employees.

.01 Consultancy

Offices: after a major renovation, the administration and commercial areas are located on the top floor, while the production, technical and quality assurance offices are on the ground floor.

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.02 Thermoforming

Constantly updated, with the inclusion of new generation machines.

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.03 Assembly,
Injection of
polyurethane resins

Foaming department + assembly line with robotic arm.

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.04 Cutting
and trimming

This department displays 5 CNC robots with 5 axes featuring most recent technological outfits.

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